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Here are 18 characteristics of a good real estate agent by Sky Marketing. Consider these aspects before selecting a broker.

There are many ways to buy an apartment in Pakistan. Some people acquire their properties through a real estate broker, while others prefer to do it directly from the construction company that develops the project.

Whether you opt for the first or second option, one question remains: How can you be sure that you are dealing with a reliable person or company? In the following article, we will show you some tips for buying a home through a real estate company or a broker.

The best real estate agent is not the one that offers you the best value for your property or the one that offers to charge less for its service. You must consider certain aspects to select a broker that is truly professional since the success of buying or selling a property falls largely on the professional who advises you.

Characteristics of a good real estate agent

Learning to recognize a good broker will increase your chances of getting a better property. You can identify one if you find the following characteristics:

1. They Know the Area

One of the signs that you work with a good Pakistani real estate broker is that they know everything about the neighborhood and the area. Therefore, they will offer you detailed information on the conveniences and amenities in the area such as parks, parking lots, shopping centers, financial institutions, transportation routes, etc.

Whether you are purchasing the apartment through a real estate agent or directly from the construction company, make sure it is a well-informed source. That way, you can know what the main advantages of that location are.

2. They are Organized

There are some signs that could help you spot an unreliable realtor. For starters, you can recognize a bad runner when they don't communicate clearly or on time. Likewise, the lack of organization and knowledge in the purchase process is a clear sign of poor service.

A good agent knows the buying process well because he sees it every day. Therefore, he follows an organized plan and will anticipate all possible inconveniences that may arise. From the approval of the mortgage loan to the payment of the first installment, you must be able to trust the broker during each step.

3. They Offer You the Correct Price

If you are looking for a property in a specific area, it can be quite tempting to quickly select the property that has the best location. Although the location is very important, before buying an apartment, it is necessary that you contrast the price with other homes of the same type in the area.

Therefore, check online the price that the real estate agent or company offers you and compare it with at least three different properties of the same type. Otherwise, you could be about to acquire an apartment whose price is much higher than the average in the area.

In general, the properties offered by brokers tend to have prices somewhat higher than the premiere ones. This is because part of that cost will be added to the commission that the broker will obtain for sale.

In that case, it is often much more convenient to acquire the property directly from the real estate company. In addition, if it is the apartments under construction or in plans, the prices that they will give you will be considerably lower, which is not a factor to reject.

4. They have a Good Reputation

Both a good agent and a good real estate company will be noticed through their work. Whether your reputation is shown through positive industry reviews or recommendations from friends and acquaintances, the positive aspects of your service do not go unnoticed. So before buying a home, check out other people's references.

5. They have Experience

The right real estate agent for you should have experience working with the type of property you are looking for (in your case, apartments). Therefore, this will have to know well both the types of homes in that neighborhood, as well as the average prices.

Experience is the factor that will allow the broker or company to help you go through the buying process. Remember that this process can be somewhat lengthy, so the assistance you receive from them will be essential for you.

6. They are Proactive in Communication

Every good real estate agent should be aware of your needs when purchasing an apartment. After all, they are the ones who will guide you through the purchase process. Therefore, communication with them will have to be constant.

7. They Offer You Transparency

Finally, and because of the previous point, by working closely with the real estate agent, you can realize the transparency with which they carry the process based on the speed with which they communicate each step approved in the bank during the process of purchase.

The acquisition of a property is par excellence, the situation where people are most afraid of making mistakes with the decisions that we are going to make.

And without the intention of being ominous, that is precisely the best reason to have a real estate advisor; to help us in the acquisition of our ideal property, always, of course, according to the possibilities and needs of each one.

8. Empathy

    Listen and know the needs of the client, then put yourself in their place and look for the most suitable property for their needs; It is one of the main characteristics that a good real estate agent must-have. Empathy is essential to building a high-quality professional relationship and finding exceptional opportunities to do good work.

    9. Honesty and Values

      It is important to look for real estate experts who are honest, who speak sincerely, and are human when carrying out any real estate management. Look for recommendations from friends or family who have recently made real estate purchases or sales.

      Similarly, you should seek recommendations on real estate agents by other means, such as social networks, that have values and are honest throughout the process.

      10. Professionalism

        Real estate agents oversee buying, selling, and/or renting a property, and they must take great care of their constant training. The market evolves, and the ways of selling and buying real estate can change rapidly.

        These professionals must know in detail the product they sell; In addition, they must have knowledge of economics, regulations, and legislation, and many other topics related to the real estate sector. They must be responsible, organized, punctual, and give the best advice throughout the process.

        11. Be Up to Date with Technological Advances

          Real estate experts must possess and handle tools that help them to carry out the best real estate advice. A good customer management system (CRM), administrative systems, and digital media. They should be common tools for a good real estate agent.

          12. Communication and Negotiation Skills

            A real estate consultant must be fluent in speaking, the ability to be persuasive, and be bold when negotiating. You must always seek the maximum benefit for your client.

            Sometimes both people (buyer and seller); can be clients of the real estate agent. In this sense, said professionals must perform a fair and balanced job seeking the maximum benefit for both parties.

            13. Specialization

              Many companies in the real estate sector offer other services, some of them not related to the real estate sector itself. This suggests that they can hardly be experts in real estate. It is always better to be an expert on one subject than to know something about many subjects.

              The real estate advisor should be a real estate specialist, and if possible, know decorative trends, their market price, and of course, the legislation applicable to said property. Hiring specialists will avoid future surprises.

              14. Generosity, Respect, and Collaboration

                In addition to being empathetic to clients, the real estate consultant must be generous and friendly. This is an essential quality to do the best job possible. In doing so, you always receive collaboration from all those involved in the management; you also have a more honest relationship with other companies in the sector.

                This creates a situation that helps to achieve excellent business opportunities for clients. Sometimes the property dreamed of by a client is in possession of another real estate agent as well as a buyer; You may be under the services of another real estate professional.

                15. Creativity

                  This feature is a must for customers with limited resources. In some cases, with a little creativity, many properties can be fantastically adapted to their market setting. For example, there are looking for properties that have a kitchen, dining room, and living room.

                  A creative agent will be able to present you with a property that has a spacious living room where a living room and dining room can be combined. The same happens with rooms, garages, offices, warehouses.

                  16. Proactivity and Courage

                    Sometimes the best opportunities are where we least imagine them. A good real estate agent must analyze the possibilities of his client and combine them with the market opportunities.

                    There are properties that may be a bit deteriorated and do not look attractive to a client; however, we may have the ability to advise on renovations and costs. Many clients take risks, and with a minimal investment in reforms, they obtain the property of their dreams.

                    17. Commitment

                      A real estate advisor must be committed to their work and provide an optimal service where all parties involved in real estate management are satisfied.

                      For example, sometimes, commercial real estate is available in residential areas, and it may happen that the community of owners does not want shops such as bars or discos. In these situations, real estate agents must advise their clients on the demands of the community.

                      18. Attention and Trust

                        A real estate agent should have the best possible reputation. The recommendations and comments of your clients are important when finding new clients. Checking the opinions of clients, for example, on social networks, is one of the most effective ways to opt for a good real estate agent.

                        These tips for buying a home will be of great help to you. Select a good real estate agent or company, and without a doubt, the experience when acquiring your first apartment will be much easier and more reliable.

                        Contact us if you are interested in buying apartments; Rudn Enclave has two ecological housing projects in Pakistan, strategically located in the best districts to guarantee the added value of your investment.

                        Mainly, a good agent adapts to the needs of their clients, listens to their requirements, and guides them towards what would be their best option. It must also be organized and always be aware of what is happening in the market.

                        Having good negotiation skills, persevering and patient are characteristics that cannot be missing in the profile of a real estate agent, buying or selling a property is already a complicated process in which you can lose patience because you cannot find what you are looking for, so the person who helps you should take all this into account and keep you motivated until you close a good deal.

                        You must be very transparent and communicate to your clients each of the steps and options that are presented during the process.

                        You can ask your friends and family for references; it is very likely that someone you know has lived through the experience. Make sure you have a couple of agent options and talk with them; the best option is to select the person who transmits the most security and confidence.

                        In many cases, there are agents that offer you services of appraisal, credit facilitation, inspectors, or architects. Although it is possible that due to their experience, they have some knowledge in this regard, it is essential to ensure that they have the indicated certifications that support their experience and knowledge.

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