DONY's Branded/Promotional Reusable Face Masks Build Companies Branding & Trust With COVID-19

DONY's Branded/Promotional Reusable Face Masks Build Companies Branding & Trust With COVID-19

The Branded / Promotional face masks from Dony Garment can help companies and organizations enter the New Normal in a COVID-19-safe environment.

While the pandemic shows no signs of decline, Branded / Promotional face masks are on their way to become a crucial part of COVID-19-secure workplaces, businesses, schools, or any other organization.

Face masks are currently recommended almost worldwide and even become a legal requirement in some regions. With millions of people having to follow the order to wear masks daily, many companies and organizations are now seeking a sustainable and promotional solution while still keeping everyone safe.

As a result, the demand for customized reusable face masks is increasing rapidly. So what is the difference between these masks and traditional ones? Do they protect people as effectively as disposable masks? Keep scrolling down for more information.

Reusable Branded / Promotional Face Masks Are The New Future

Keep The Business Front Of Mind

Wearing a mask in public is a must, so why not make it a promotional opportunity? That's how all companies and organizations are moving from the New Normal to the New Future with a new type of uniform: customized logo face masks.

Dony Garment is a company with an established background in the apparel industry that can easily provide exclusive services, such as 3D tailoring design and printing any artwork or logos through on surfaces and straps of all face coverings.

"We offer free samples, trial orders, and branding opportunities with logo and label service available. It's great for corporate unity or to promote a brand", said Mr. Henry Pham, CEO of Dony Garment Company.

Traditionally, companies and organizations have improved their brand identity through customizable merchandise, including T-shirts, hoodies, journal books, pens, caps, bags, raincoats, mugs, and the like. Due to the pandemic, there is a fresh surge of branded face mask requests.

Forward-thinking companies are the real trendsetter of this new demand wave. They realized it's time to leverage the benefits of these custom printed face masks to raise brand awareness and make the most of this free advertising space while still complying with the public health regulations.

When people wear their custom face masks, they become a natural representative of the brand everywhere they go: in the stores and restaurants, or on public transport. Besides, they will be aware that they are part of the community, thereby enhancing their sense of responsibility.

Sustainable & Eco-friendly Opportunity

Disposable masks are flimsy plastic products that people usually throw away after a single-use, causing a major damage effect on the environment.

Undoubtedly, a 3-ply disposable face mask plays a major role in curbing COVID-19 transmission. Regardless, it's effective but momentary lifespan takes a great toll on the environment, a long-term issue to face. These facial masks can be released into waterways, polluting many rivers, and oceans, affecting aquatic species' ecosystems.

Moreover, this may seem like a cheap option for smaller organizations, but it is no longer the case. In the long run, providing enough disposable masks for a whole company will be challenging (at least one mask per day for one employee). Thus, they are not as budget-friendly as everyone might think.

In such a situation, finding a sustainable alternative is an essential way of offering protection and reassurance for an entire workforce. Dony Garment provides washable, eco-friendly face masks which:

  • Sustain antibacterial capability up to 99.9% for all-day wear even after 60 washes

  • Save over 85% ecological footprint vs. disposable masks

These reusable masks also work well as an initial purchase because companies don't need to re-purchase large quantities too often.

Maximum Protection

Reusable masks can resist dust, odor, and UV. Some products can even have similar properties to premium sun protection products. These cloth masks work as shields to protect the face from exposure to the sun and poor air quality.

According to a report from Intertek, a Dony branded mask is optimal 100% water-resistant, 99.95% protection against UV (which is equal to that of premium sunscreen lotions), and remains an antibacterial rate of more than 99% after 60 times of washing.

What's more, a protective face mask should consist of 2-3 layers of fabric to filter out all bacteria and germs: the outer layer usually is polyester or polypropylene, the second layer made of a breathable compound, and the third layer will add extra protection and breathability.

Dony multi-layered masks are made of 100% antibacterial cotton (with nano silver technology) with three layers for maximum protection, which comply with the CDC's guidelines for face masks.

The mask's outer layer features excellent water resistance (water repellent coating), which prevents droplets from clinging to the mask and limits the potential for viral infection-the middle layer functions as a filter, while the inner layer has the most antibacterial effects.

In addition to that, Dony 3-layer Water-resistant Custom Face Mask is certified by the French Ministry of Armed Forces with the DGA certification, pointing out that they can resist the SARS-CoV virus to 99% at the first use (and 96% after 30 washes). This attribute emphasizes the Dony mask's direct resistance against COVID-19.

Perfect Fit

Remember, a person needs to keep the mask on a large portion of the day, not only when going to the mall. A disposable mask with loose earloops and a nose strip can't make him or her feel comfortable. An easy-going fit would be much more critical in the summer when the weather becomes hot and humid.

Reusable face masks with adjustable earloops offer a tailored fit regardless of the ear shape or size. The wearers' ears will not strain, and the red markings after they remove the mask will no longer exist.

Having a flexible nose strip is also a key feature since it provides a practical fit. Masks with strips that seal around the nose and can be adjusted to match everyone's face shape are highly recommended.

Dony masks fit around the face firmly.

On the other hand, the solid nose strips usually on single-use masks sit firmly over the bridge of one's nose. They don't slip off and let the breath from his/her mouth blur their glasses.

Moreover, reusable masks can snugly contour everyone's face. Their contoured shapes help them to sit perfectly around the chin, reducing the risk of sliding up and blocking one's view when worn for a long time.

Keep in mind that the wearers must adjust their masks after washing hands with sanitizer to avoid virus transferring. As a result, to maintain mask hygiene, people are advised to wear a comfortable fitting mask and avoid touching it too frequently.

Dony mask straps could extend 270% of the original length, which reduces the discomfort for users when wearing the mask for a long time. The manufacturer provides elastic face mask designs with a nose clip and secures adjustable mask loops for a perfect fit.

"We also know how important it is that a face mask be comfortable," Pham said. "So, we have designed our masks to be able to be worn for the whole day comfortably in any setting imaginable."

Reusable masks are highly favored thanks to their breathable design. There are no suffocation issues encountered, thus suitable for people with sinus or respiratory disease. This type of mask is even ideal for sports players.

Dony Garment has succeeded in obtaining certification for breathing resistance - mmH2O figure: checked at 1.8, suited to everyone, including sports enthusiasts, and many recreational activities like jogging, and going to the gym.

Safe on the skin

Reusable masks feature a thick structure and soft, smooth fabric blend, lining for comfort on the skin. The high-quality cotton face masks are not only breathable but also cause little to no allergy.

Custom face masks from Dony are super skin-friendly and tailored to even those with sensitive skin. Wearing Dony masks, consumers will be completely assured thanks to safety measures the product has obtained:

  • The TUV Reach Certificate for toxic chemical-free, containing cancer-free, allergy-free components, perfectly safe for long-time use.

  • Aseptic Inspection Certificate: guarantee for being biologically safe and germ-free.

Convenient & Fashionable To Wear

Contrary to what people think, reusable masks are as convenient as disposable masks. Every employee, student, and customer can wear a mask directly after unpacking without washing initially.

Additionally, if disposable face masks look like surgical masks, reusable masks deliver a more fashionable look. They come in various silhouettes and colorways that are currently in fashion.

As a garment manufacturer, Dony can deliver upon customer’s specific requests on colors, prints, and designs. The Dony stylish mask designs are unisex, suitable for every gender to wear.

With this one-size-fits-all design and variety of color options, the manufacturer can customize the masks to satisfy any business need when paired with a corporate logo or label.

Manufacturer's Commitment

Meet The Global Export Standards

Dony Garment makes sure that finished products are shipped in individual packaging. The separate packing eliminates possible contamination during the many processes before reaching the end consumers: production, quality control, and delivery.

Besides, the masks can be sterilized with E.O. gas technology that is commonly used for medical supplies. An indicator strip will let the wearer know whether the mask is sterilized.

"We've had requests to lower our wholesale price by cutting corners on Q.C. and in-package sterilization, and we've refused to honor each of those requests. We are now making the best mass-market face masks, and we will continue to do so," noted Pham.

This quality commitment allows Dony to export the products to demanding countries and destinations like the USA and Europe. If germs are found, the company will take full responsibility.

"We at Dony have long recognized the need to adapt to the pandemic and use our expertise to meet the needs of medical professionals around the world," Pham said. "Our masks are available to wholesalers and distributors anywhere in the world, especially those based in the U.S., the Middle East, and the E.U. market."

The company proudly supply their OEM, ODM cloth face masks worldwide with the below certificates:

  • FDA Certificate: permission to export to the U.S. market.

  • ISO 9001:2005 for safe production line in the export factory.

  • C.E. Certificate to export to the European market.

  • Certification for Free Sale: permit the free flow of products overseas, with no risks of goods confiscation at Custom office.

Dony has already shipped to Europe, the USA, Singapore, Jordan, France, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Macao, Japan.

Dony Mask has Exclusive Distributors in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Malaysia, UAE, Canada.

On-time Delivery

Dony makes sure their customers will receive high-quality products with fast delivery turnaround time, even for mass orders. The company proved itself as a reliable mask supply source.

"In the past, the world turned to China when it needed massive quantities of consumer products," notes Pham. "Other countries have been catching up to China's manufacturing capacity: Here in Vietnam, we are capable of producing nearly a quarter-million units a day when needed. Some larger Chinese manufacturers can't even match that level of precision and quality control. We have the same low overhead, government support, and access to global shipping channels that China is known for."

What's more, when buying at Dony, customers are protected with a 100% money-back guarantee. If companies, organizations, or partners don't receive their order before the delivery deadline, or the products don't adhere to promised quality, which has rarely ever been the case, they can contact the seller for a refund.

About The Manufacturer

Dony Garment is a subsidiary of Dony International Corporation - one of the leading Vietnamese manufacturers of workwear, uniforms, and casual clothing.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic situation in 2020, Dony has pivoted its activity to PPE production and exported its products around the world, including America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Dony face masks

Notably, at the Ceremony of Offering Medical Materials to the United States, the company donated 100,000 antibacterial gauze masks worth more than VND 10.5 billion (~ USD 455.610 or EUR 382.121).

Dony mask is the only available 3-layer reusable custom face mask that can comply with many quality tests, overcoming various mask manufacturers that have signed up for the event. It's also the final product that met the quality standards to be accepted for use in the U.S.

Bottom Line

The most urgent task right now is to prevent the novel Coronavirus from spreading into the community. However, essential employees, clients, and students still need to return to work, school and carry on with their lives

Therefore, branded / promotional face masks are ideal items that can both make them feel protected, and at the same time, work as promotional products for organizations.

They are a worthy long-term investment in the worldwide pandemic for an organization. So don't hesitate to wear one for yourself, your companies, and your families.

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