Keshia Rush of The Rush Family Nominated for The Shorty Awards for The Best of Social Media

Millions of people join The Shorty Awards to get to know the people and organizations that are creating great content on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, Snapchat and other social media platforms. The Shorty Awards are a first-of-its-kind awards ceremony for the best social media by recognizing influencers, brands and organizations on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat and more. In terms of the entertainment industry, the Shorty Awards recognize Best Comedy Show as well as Best TV Show. In addition, this year marks their first Gender-Neutral Acting Award.

The awards given by social media include a variety of categories, from Meme of the Year to Creator of the Decade, Best Activist and YouTuber of the Year.

Keshia Rush and The Rush Family, Canadian YouTubers and CEO of Rush Entertainment, have been nominated for Best Social Media at The Shorty Awards. They are the finalist in the kids, family and parenting group because of their amazing kids and engaging content. Rush family content is always family-friendly and equally famous among kids and adults.

The Shorty Awards celebrate the best in social media and digital technology, honoring influencers, creators, brands and organizations on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and more. Past winners include Taylor Swift, Mr Beast, Nikkie Tutorials, Michelle Obama, DJ Khaled, Rebel Wilson, Shangela, The Try Guys, Ricky Thompson and more. What happens on social media can change the world, create new stars and ignite global movements.

The Shorty Awards were the first award given to social media, and while evolving with the medium it awards, Shortys remains the most visible award of its kind, attracting millions of online audiences and culminating in a New York blockbuster ceremony. Winners are selected by a combination of public votes and real-time Academy ratings.

For Canadian YouTubers, The Rush Fam “The best gift in life is family.” Their YouTube channel originally launched as TodayWithTray, a channel for Tray’s paternity videos. The channel quickly morphed into a family-friendly project as the dynamic four won the hearts of fans around the world. Showcasing love together, Tray and Keshia have developed their channel as an educational platform.

Using its impressive 6 million subscriber base to encourage dialogue about racism and interracial relationships, The Rush Fam continues to grow, and FamousTubeKIDS Cali and Kameiro are sharing the spotlight with their newest family member, younger sister Kirah. They have their own YouTube channel where they post games, pranks, challenges, toy reviews and amazing stories for their little fans.

This amazing family nominated for the Shorty awards because of their engaging content and dedication. Through consistency, they have reached 6M subscribers and tons of followers on Instagram. The Shorty Awards consists of two competitions: the Influencer & Creators competition and the Brands & Organizations competition. Winners in both areas of the competition will be announced at the Shorty Awards. In the influential and author awards, the winner and six finalists (including the winner) are selected from 12 nominees through a combination of public votes and real-time Academy ratings.

The Shorty Awards have given many influencers the opportunity to work in TV channels and in collaborations with other brands. Rush Family also works with many brands, and they have their own network too.

Their main goal is to turn their YouTube empire into big business. Since the Keshia Rush family has 6 million subscribers and amazing content, they will sternly win a short award. We wish the Rush family the best in their future endeavors.

For more information about the Keshia Rush and the family follow them on YouTube and Instagram.

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