Ryan Akers: Student Success Through Career Development

Ryan Akers is a Higher Education Professional

In this episode, Ryan Akers was interviewed by Bakhtiyor Isoev. Ryan Akers is a higher education professional who has worked at a variety of colleges and institutions helping students from diverse backgrounds achieve academic success. He is currently a Student Employment Coordinator & Career Counselor at California Lutheran University. In this role, he helps lifelong learners and students with their specialized career concerns related to advancing their professional goals both during their time in college and afterward when they return as alumni.

Ryan Akers Establishing Relationships with Community Service and Nonprofit partnerships For employment for Students

Ryan’s background includes establishing relationships with community service and nonprofit partnerships related to employment creation for students in college. He has conducted research on the transitional experiences of underrepresented groups in colleges or universities and the influence their previous life experiences had on their developmental growth. Additionally, he has worked with a team at the Los Angeles Community College District to help develop and support the Los Angeles College Promise and Mayor of Los Angeles, Erick Garcetti’s, Mayors Young Ambassador program. These programs provided two years of free tuition to thousands of students and connected students to an international community which helped make them aware of the global opportunities that guided them into their professional careers.

Ryan Akers Aim To Provide Student Opportunities for Sucess

Ryan aims to continue his work in helping provide students career-related opportunities for success through utilizing partnerships that will establish gainful employment and relevant experience to those who need it. He continues to encourage student advocacy and growth through leadership and professional growth. Moving forward Ryan aspires to create more policies or programs that provide students with more funding availability for career related mentorship programs or company employment opportunities collaboration projects.
In the podcast, Ryan Akers will share his insights in Student Success Through Career Development.

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Story Notes:

  • Student Success Through Career Development
  • Starting in the Field
  • Important Dimensions of Student Success Outside of Classroom for the Holistic Development of the Students
  • Challenges of Student Success Outside the Classroom
  • California Lutheran University Offer for Student Success
  • Practices that can Improved and Implemented in Higher Education Institution
  • Career Service during Pandemic and the Impact in Affected Institutions
  • Career Development
  • Biggest area of Opportunity for Professionals in Student Success work and Transformation

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