Producing Extreme Performance Tools with James L. Tomich

Adam Torres and James Tomich discuss extreme performance tools. 

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Show Notes:

Improving the longevity of performance tools can increase efficiency and profitability for many businesses. In this episode,  Adam Torres and James L Tomich, Chief Operations Officer at Endlas, explore how Endlas aims to create the extreme performance tools of the future.

About James L Tomich

7th generation metallurgist and has championed Laser Cladding R&D for 10 years in the AML at South Dakota Mines &Tech, SDMST, and directs multiple R&D contracts to develop, test and deploy laser cladding materials, production systems, and qualification metrics. James received his B.S. and M.S from the SDSMT, sustaining a legacy of metallurgists.

In 2016 he co-founded Endlas LC, a small business that provides laser cladding services to multiple fortune 500 companies and the US government Multiple patents and a vigorous passion enables Jimmy’s continued and successful advanced manufacturing commercialization efforts, benefiting economic and sustainability interests.

About Endlas LC

At Endlas, They strive to put the right material where it needs to be. Using advanced manufacturing technologies their team will help you save costs by extending the lifetime and durability of your equipment and production tools. Endlas’ coatings decrease maintenance burdens and diminish energy loss from friction, wear, and corrosion, while their manufacturing approach ensures your products are available when you need them. 

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