7 Key Insights to Help You Predict the Next Shift in Your Market

Did you know that 90% of businesses report that their industry has become more competitive in the last three years? While it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to look into a crystal ball to see how your market will shift, the next best thing at your disposal is your data.

Join NetBase Quid for a discussion on how your data can help you foretell the future of your industry. We’ll share examples focusing on Tesla, Apple, Turo, and more!

Register today to:

  • Learn about the foundational metrics you’ll need to benchmark your data.
  • See how you can segment your data to gain a deeper understanding of your market.
  • Find out how to effectively present your findings to key stakeholders.


  Harvey Ranola. Global Head of Media Intelligence, NetBase Quid

Harvey has been developing and executing marketing and revenue operations strategies for more than 10 years. He also has a background in journalism and multimedia production.

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