Making Analytics Accessible for All Businesses with Mia Umanos

Adam Torres and Mia Umanos discuss analytics for businesses. 

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Show Notes:

Analytics are important for any business that is looking to scale. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Mia Umanos, Co-Founder of Clickvoyant, explore how Clickvoyant democratizes data by making it accessible to all business owners. 

About Mia Umanos

Mia is a rainmaker wherever she goes. Check out her stats below.

Mia can do this because she is a data whisperer and a great listener. Listening leads to learning pain points, which leads to solving problems.

Mia is the leader you’ve been looking for to unify efforts of data scientists, developers, designers and business toward a common goal. She has also, thankfully, developed a reputation for being fun to work with.

Mia managed end-to-end analytics solutions for digital marketing, product and digital media buying. Her career has centered around digital touchpoints like content, ecommerce and adTech, but she also has project experience on multi-channel measurement and CRM.

About Clickvoyant

Clickvoyant is an AI-enabled digital marketing assistant that connects to your Google Analytics, Ads and Facebook data and surfaces the most valuable insights and provides it in a PowerPoint Presentation in less time it takes you to get a cup of coffee.

Best of all, there’s nothing to install or tag. Hook us up to your own accounts and let us do the work.

The proprietary algorithms combine human expertise derived from 15+ years working in the industry with mathematical automation, statistics, and predictive analytics to provide enterprise-style analytics for every business

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