Making Businesses Bankable with Monica Coburn

Adam Torres and Monica Coburn discuss business financing. 

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Show Notes:

Access to capital and understanding financing is important for any business that is looking to scale. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Monica Coburn, Founder and CEO at Nevada Business Advisors, explore what it takes to make a business bankable.

About Monica Coburn

As a business owner,  you need guidance on how to pivot your business,  how to add revenue streams. What about your business keeps you up at night. Cash flow, employees, clients, stagnant revenues or all of these. A successful career in commercial banking and lending has afforded her the opportunity to help hundreds of small to mid-sized business owners with these challenges. 

About Nevada Business Advisors

Nevada Business Advisors is your trusted business advisor providing a third party perspective on your business operations, planning, processes, etc. Their team of experts have experience in banking and finance, hospitality, construction, retail, manufacturing, professional services, etc.

Access to capital is an important step in a company’s growth plan. Consider Nevada Business Advisors your liaison or your banker that will identify financing options that can be presented to various financing sources, all in effort to save you time and money, without completing multiple applications and forms.

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