Tim Conn’s Fool-proof Franchise Strategies Empower Small Business Owners

Tim Conn, Founder & President, Image One USA®, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast by Adam Torres.

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Building a Franchise

Tim Conn believes that consistency and hard work are essential to success. “Though the start may be a bit tedious, you must never stop,” he says. 

Conn shows listeners that opting for a franchise business (instead of starting a business from scratch) can put small business owners on a path of accelerated growth. He explains that a franchise takes a successful system and duplicates it.  And it’s important to use the existing system, Conn says, or difficulties may arise. 

Franchise owners have big decisions to make when it comes to personnel. Conn says,  “I tell everyone that the most important thing you can do is use your due diligence and make sure that the people you’re going to work with are people you want to work with. Because you’re not partnering with them, you’re signing a 10-15 year franchise agreement. It’s a lot like a marriage, a relationship where you need to feel 100% confident.”

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Image One: A Successful Model

Image One specializes in janitorial services for customers and focuses on the following core values: “honesty and integrity, dedication to franchise owners, clear communication, customer service, and a culture of family and fun.” 

Someone who has a background in sales or who can manage people well is a great fit for an Image One franchise owner. “We are searching for people who can go out and meet prospective clients so that the client base is increasing every day. We need people who understand following a system, who respect schedules, and plan their way to success, ” Conn says. 

No New Ideas – A Guide for Aspiring Franchise Owners

Conn’s book No New Ideas: Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Successful Franchise  guides readers through the process of owning a franchise. The book even walks readers through daunting franchise disclosure documents in plain language that anyone can understand.

Building a successful business requires finding a solution to a problem that an existing market hasn’t solved yet. But there’s no need to reinvent the wheel–No New Ideas explains that great business plans offer a new spin on existing business plans.


At Image One®, franchisees are owner-operators with a vested interest in providing only the best janitorial disinfectant services to their clients. Their desire to own, operate, and build a successful business distinguishes them from conventional commercial cleaners. Image One’s team pays close attention to detail to provide safe, comprehensive services beyond.

Visit Image One USA here to know more about their services and get your hands on their exciting services and support.

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