Craters & Freighters Nashville Celebrates 24 Years of Expert Crating & Shipping

Craters and Freighters - Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville’s Craters & Freighters is celebrating near quarter-century run as a trusted expert and leader in high-quality, custom domestic and international crating, packaging and shipping services.

With a silver anniversary on the horizon, Nashville’s Craters & Freighters has announced a lucrative 24-year run as a leader in the packaging and shipping industry. Utilizing high-quality, comprehensive, custom, and trusted domestic and international shipping services, the Nashville team found great success in its near quarter-century lifespan.

Having opened on August 30, 1997, the Nashville team has gained significant experience and insight over the years and consistently keeps up with changes in technology to ensure the best results for their customers. They will easily navigate and spearhead the most challenging packaging projects, complex logistics, and offer customer support that goes unmatched in the Nashville area.

Offering reliable and dedicated service to every job that comes its way, this packaging and shipping powerhouse has garnered a reputation based on respect and dependability throughout the community.

Owner Russ Connelly had this to say about the milestone, “I am very grateful that we have an exceptional team that can manage various kinds of jobs from such a diverse client base! Our designers and engineers are second to none. The effort we put in daily shines through to our customers. I wouldn’t have it any other way, and I look forward to another 24 years.”

Nashville’s Craters & Freighters is known to go well-above par for their clientele, and their attention to detail is seen in expert packaging and crating for safe travels throughout the world. 

When asked how his team stays so inspired and dedicated, Connelly said, “We believe in hard work and giving back to the community. In 2015 we created the Esther Fund, which gives each individual on our team the opportunity to provide support to a local non-profit or 501c(3). Doing this nurtures positivity and connection in the workplace, with our customers, and throughout our community. Over this time period, our team has donated over $203,504 to worthy organizations in our area.” 

Nashville’s Craters & Freighters believes in open communication and relationship-building for the smoothest shipping process possible. No matter what kind of item you need safely and responsibly packaged, crated, and transported, this Nashville shipping company can help. 

About Craters & Freighters 

Craters & Freighters is a pioneer and leading expert in specialty packaging, crating, and shipping. Founded in 1990, the company has over 65 brick-and-mortar locations across the U.S. It serves residential and business customers in all sectors, including telecommunications, electronics, medical equipment, aerospace, biotechnology, and heavy machinery. From simple shipments to complex corporate moves, Craters & Freighters is a national powerhouse with local accountability. 

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