Tackling Sales Call Reluctance with Connie Kadansky, MCC

Adam Torres and Connie Kadansky  discuss sales call reluctance. 

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Show Notes:

Sales call reluctance is a condition that keeps many from reaching their goals and helping more clients. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Connie Kadansky, MCC, President at Exceptional Sales Performance LLC, explore the source of sales call reluctance and how to overcome it.    

About Exceptional Sales Performance LLC

Overcome Sales Call Reluctance and Increase Profits With Sales Coach: Connie Kadansky. Cold Calling Expert.

Exceptional Sales performance is a company created by America’s #1 Sales Call Reluctance Coach Connie Kadansky. Connie specializes in helping sales people and managers increase their profits by training them in sales and helping them sharpen their sales skills, prospecting and overcoming sales call reluctance. 

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