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The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency wants a tool to automatically cull social media and other public websites to create a searchable database of posts, actions and interactions that can be used in insider threat investigations.

Along with conducting background investigations for all of government, DCSA also manages the insider threat program for the Defense Department. The DOD Threat Management and Analysis Center, or DITMAC, “provides an enterprisewide capability to identify, assess, and mitigate risk from insiders; to oversee and manage unauthorized disclosures; and to integrate, manage, mature, and professionalize insider-threat capabilities.”

When a DOD employee or contractor is flagged as a potential threat—to information or physical security—DITMAC analysts are charged with investigating, including using digital evidence contained within DOD networks.

But nothing happens in a vacuum. And with so much information being posted to social media and other open forums, public digital sources can provide important context, according to a request for information posted to

DITMAC analysts need “an automated capability to receive publicly available electronic information inclusive of—but not limited to—social media data on referred individuals in an effort to contextualize behavior that may be indicative of a potential insider threat,” the RFI states.

The tool—which must meet “all federal and DOD technological requirements for access and use on...

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