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As the trail of former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes (pictured) is set to begin, the court has been able to hear from several potential witnesses who claim to have received false test results. Prosecutors prepare to tell Elizabeth Holmes fraud trial how to warn patients of false positives on Theranos blood tests that indicate they have a serious illness such as prostate cancer or HIV and are suffering from a miscarriage. -The founder knew that the technology was flawed. Brittany Gould, Mesa, Arizona, is on the list of potential witnesses to the trial, which is scheduled to begin later this month. In an article in The Wall Street Journal published Monday, Gould showed how Theranos’ trademark finger-stick test showed that she had already lost her foetation after three consecutive miscarriages. Said. Like many other patients, Gould’s test was inaccurate. Two other ex-patients claimed to have received false HIV-positive results, and another had a test that was supposed to detect a dangerous ectopic pregnancy, but missed it. Retired dentist Mehrl Ellsworth said he received test results that inaccurately revealed that he may have aggressive prostate cancer. In a trial scheduled to begin August 31 in San Jose, California, prosecutors accused Holmes of fooling patients and investors, saying her invention could accurately perform lab tests from a few drops of blood. Made me believe. Florida lawyer Jason Meta told The Wall Street Journal that he believed that “the strongest evidence often comes from the patients themselves.” Their story is how to make it a reality for the jury. It’s not just dollars and cents, “he said. On a trail scheduled to begin August 31 in San Jose, California, prosecutors accused Holmes (pictured) of fooling patients and investors, and her invention accurately performed lab tests from a few drops of blood. I made him believe that he could do it. Mehta has prosecuted and defended dozens of federal fraud cases in the medical industry and has not been involved in the Holmes case. However, Holmes’ legal team argues that the patient’s story is just an anecdote and should not be presented to the jury. If the judge decides to eliminate the patient’s testimony, it is considered a major victory for Holmes and can dramatically change the outcome of the trial. Holmes’ defense team claimed that Holmes intended to create a working device, and government regulators and investigators were unreasonably harsh due to media scrutiny of Theranos. However, prosecutors claim that Theranos executives knew that their products were only half as reliable, with a test failure rate of 51.3%. Holmes, who started Theranos at the age of 19 after dropping out of Stanford University, was widely celebrated in the tech world until many of the company’s probably revolutionary blood test claims turned out to be fake. rice field. It was revealed that Theranos had completed the blood analysis with a regular laboratory, rather than using the innovative new technology that it constantly admires. Holmes was indicted in 2018 and her federal trial in San Jose, California was originally scheduled for July 28, 2020. In addition to Holmes being pregnant, the trail was postponed three times as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In January, prosecutors filed documents claiming that Theranos executives had destroyed data proving that blood test products were inaccurate. It is a federal crime to deliberately mislead investors by providing false data. According to The Register, the company was aware of inaccurate test data collected over three years. According to court filings, the data was stored in a specially developed SQL database called the “Laboratory Information System (LIS)”. The database “flagged blood test results that may require immediate medical attention and communicated this to the patient’s doctor.” Holmes was celebrated as a young foresight and success story before allegations of fraud surfaced. She became known for her baritone voice and black turtleneck, and once boasted of owning more than 150 items to emulate Apple’s Steve Jobs. Elizabeth Holmes fraud trial to reveal false positives for patients Source link Elizabeth Holmes fraud trial to reveal false positives for patients

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