Elizabeth Holmes' trial is set to begin: Here's what you need to know - CNN International

New York (CNN Business)Elizabeth Holmes, the disgraced founder and former CEO of Theranos, is set to go to trial this week, more than three years after being indicted on multiple federal fraud and conspiracy charges over allegations she knowingly misrepresented the capabilities of her company's proprietary blood testing technology. For a time, Holmes had been hailed as a visionary. A Stanford University dropout, she founded Theranos in 2003 at age 19 with the lofty mission of revolutionizing blood testing. Inspired by her stated fear of needles, Holmes' Theranos promised patients the ability to test for conditions like cancer and diabetes with just a few drops of blood. She struck up a retail partnership with Walgreens in 2013, and attracted a powerful board of political titans, including former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and George Shultz, as well as four-star general and future Defense Secretary James Mattis. As the company's valuation soared, hitting $9 billion at one time, so did her profile and net worth. She was lauded on magazine covers as the richest self-made woman and "the next Steve Jobs," an image she helped cultivate by dressing the part. Then it all came crashing down. A damning investigation by the Wall Street Journal in October 2015 called into question the capabilities of the company's proprietary blood testing machine, Edison, and Theranos' testing methods. Theranos was subsequently sued by investors for fraud, had its blood-testing license...

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