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Tomfoodery Kitchen, a fast casual, Caribbean-inspired restaurant by Chef Thomas Tennant located in Camana Bay is doing its part to fight food waste and food insecurity in the Cayman Islands while making do during difficult times.

As champions of eating local, it came naturally to Managing Director, Jonathan Nunez and Chef and Partner, Thomas Tennant to find a way to source more home-grown produce to use as ingredients while ensuring that less food would end up in the landfill.

Their big a-ha moment was conceived during COVID-19 lockdown.

Last year’s mango bumper crop coupled with the shutdown of the island’s tourism industry lead the team at Tomfoodery to take notice of the waste produced from farmers’ unsold produce.

“We reached out to the farmers, paying out of pocket personally for mangoes that would have otherwise been discarded, and processed the ingredients to be used in jams and jellies, as drinks, desserts, or frozen to be used later on. We processed about a half ton of mangoes last summer,” says Chef Tennant.

And so emerged a new programme where the restaurant began to pay patrons market rate for their produce in “Tomfoodery dollars,” essentially trading food for food.

“We can’t pay out right for the produce because as a restaurant we are suffering just like the rest, but what we can do is trade food for food. You give me your fallen produce, and I’ll give you some Cayman Style Beef in exchange," the team explains.

As residents and patrons began to hear about...

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