Elizabeth Holmes on trial, an e-prescribing glitch, & Uber invades Texas - STAT

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Building a defense, drop by drop
Jury selection for Elizabeth Holmes’ trial begins in a San Jose courtroom today, and opening arguments begin next week. To get you prepared, the STAT team compiled a guide of moments to watch out for and questions to keep in mind. One question at the top of the list: What tactics will Holmes’ defense attorneys employ as they seek to convince jurors that she didn’t knowingly lie to investors and patients about Theranos’ devices?
In a separate piece, STAT’s Damian Garde spoke to legal experts who saw four main strategies — including an argument that her mental state made it impossible for her to form the intent required for a conviction, as suggested by a trove of documents that were unsealed over the weekend. Read more of Damian’s analysis here.
When EHRs don’t have an off switch
Today, more and more prescriptions are filled automatically by pharmacies when a provider enters them into a patient’s electronic health record. But in an article published in JAMA Internal Medicine, providers at the University of Chicago Medicine point to a hole in the system: Many e-prescription platforms aren’t set up to transmit digital stop orders. In one case, an elderly patient was hospitalized after her pharmacy continued dispensing a medication her doctor had long...

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