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Every claim is different, but the more the injuries impact your life, the greater the compensation for pain and suffering.
If you slip, fall, and injure yourself on someone else’s property, and that accident was caused by the property owner’s fault or someone else in charge of the property, they can be liable for your injuries.
Determining liability in any personal injury incident is vital, especially in slip and fall cases. Many people are injured each year when they slip and fall. Sometimes people trip on icy sidewalks, on uneven floors, using stairs, in a construction zone, at work, or on a rough spot. Speak with a slip and fall attorney if you’re unsure who’s liable or what to do next after your slip and fall accident.
Common Slip and Fall Locations
Property owners and managers can be held liable if you can prove they knew about the situation prior and did nothing to fix or remedy the hazard. Slip and fall accidents may occur in stores, people’s homes, hotels, shopping malls, on the job, and in several other locations.
If you were injured at a business, like a shopping mall, that business could be sued for negligence and held liable for your injuries. The homeowner will be held responsible in a residential location, and your damages should be covered by their homeowner’s insurance. If you are injured at work, a worker’s compensation claim can help pay for your damages.
Slip and Fall Responsibility
Premises liability law provides guidelines on how to deal with slip and...

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