Allianz: Mental health injuries on the rise as global pandemic evolves - Insurance Business

Workplace mental health injuries are on the rise as the COVID-19 pandemic persists and evolves in Australia and around the world.
New Allianz research has revealed that active psychological claims have increased increasing by 5% in the last financial year. Furthermore, Allianz's research of Australian employees and senior managers across industries found that 69% of Australian employees surveyed have not had a conversation with their employer about their mental health since the start of the pandemic. This trend remains unchanged compared to 2020 (69%).
Moreover, the insurer's claims data found that the average cost per active psychological claim is around 3.5 times that of active claims for physical injuries.
According to Allianz, COVID-19 has raised concerns about employee mental health and the lack of strategies that organisations have in place to support employees – with 43% of those surveyed saying their workplace has not introduced new mental health initiatives since the start of the pandemic.
“Since the pandemic, it has become harder to learn how to balance work and personal life – it is an ongoing issue that employees and employers are trying to get right. We no longer have those physical cues when we finish work for the day, the leaving of a building, closing of a laptop, or social interaction with colleagues,” said Mitch Wallis, the founder of Heart On My Sleeve.
“Employees want to feel supported and to know that they can switch off and transition to their...

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