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Looking back on the last 10 months, I have a lot to thank Mel Reid for. She set me right last October, in a way, by kicking my a– in a workout we filmed for this very website. I left that workout, retreated to my Palm Beach hotel room, called my parents and said, “I got a wakeup call today. I am very out of shape.”

It was the end of a full day meeting one of my favorite people in golf. We talked Halloween costumes, snowboarding in the Rockies, why she wears Vans all the time. And here we are now, on the eve of the Solheim Cup 10 months later. I’ve logged 268 straight days of Whoop fitness data, and Mel and me are penpals. The European Solheim Cup vet and I have been trading emails for the last month as she worked her way quite literally all across the world. From Michigan to England to Japan to Scotland to Florida and now Ohio. Clubs, passport, clothes and not much more.

That’s been the LPGA Tour reality this summer. Few golf schedules have ever been more hectic. I wanted to know what that would be like, how daunting the travel would be, what players do when they’re bored, how much they follow the news cycle and more. It also helped that I was doing a bit of travel myself, covering the Olympics in Japan, visiting the American northeast and attending too many weddings in the Midwest. Mel and I were rarely in the same time zone, so e-mail — or E-Mel! — was a perfect avenue to catch up, and for me to toss some questions her way I had been thinking about...

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