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Some children feel like a duck to water on social media.

In the last decade, social media has drastically evolved. Today, it's one of the key parts of modern communication. Apart from that, it can be used as a tool to earn money, and that's what social media influencers do. Those are people that build a reputation based on their knowledge of a specific topic, like beauty and fashion, education, lifestyle, and much more. Some of them earn lots of money and fame thanks to cooperation with various brands. Well, social media is a great platform to make money for everyone, including children. Here's the list of the wealthiest 'kidfluencers' that you might be jealous of.

Tiana Wilson - $6 Million

Tiana became famous after her parents posted a video of her reaction to opening Christmas presents on the Internet. Since then, she's been posting videos of unboxing toys and reviewing them. Tiana is very popular among kids because of her pouring emotions and positive energy. Today, she has many followers, reputable partnerships, and a merchandize brand that brings additional income.

Ryan Kaji - $32 Million

Ryan's world is a YouTube channel centered on the child, Ryan. He started his influencer path by reviewing toys with his twin sisters in 2015. Then, thanks to its popularity, the Kaji parents found a family company Sunlight Entertainment; it manages eight more entertainment channels. The Kaji family produces entertaining and educational content where they share DIY science...

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