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(CNS): Shomari Scott, the chief business officer at Health City and former DoT director, has been appointed as chair of the Education Council. His appointment comes at a time when the minister is investing heavily in education, including a significant increase in scholarships and free meals for all students, and as government schools are beginning to turn around when it comes to inspections and results. Since the announcement that the marketing expert is taking the helm at the council, he has said that education and healthcare are two of the most important pillars of a community.

Scott said that he has previously served on the UCCI board and his business experience will help him in the new appointment to help with the strategies to develop the human resources for the country’s future. But when he appeared on a talk show on Monday, he also noted, “I come from a long line of teachers.”

Scott said there have been some significant improvements already in education and he intended to work on continuing that progress.

Last week during Finance Committee the education ministry’s budget was increased by CI$12.5 million to cover the new costs. This was around a 10% increase on the year’s overall budget for education, which is running in excess of $125 million this year, one of the largest public spending areas.

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