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It’s been experimenting with the option for the past few months, and now, Twitter is moving to the next stage of testing for tweet reactions, adding more ways to quickly respond to tweets in-stream.

1/ Şimdi belirli bir süre için Türkiye'de Twitter Reaksiyonlarını test ediyoruz. Bunu gördüğünüzde, gerçekten ne düşündüğünüzü bize bildirmek için Beğen'e uzunca basın ????????????????

— Twitter Türkiye (@TwitterTurkiye) September 9, 2021

As indicated by this tweet, Twitter has launched a live test of tweet reactions in Turkey, with the prompt above calling for Turkish users to ‘long press Like to let us know what you really think’.

As with reactions on other platforms – including Facebook and LinkedIn – the option will make it easier for people to give more nuanced, quick feedback as they view a tweet, with the ‘heart’ emoji often not enough to capture your response or represent your meaning.

Twitter’s four additional emoji responses will enhance context in this respect, which will provide more response data for Twitter, as well as for those looking to understand their audience, which could help to optimize platform strategies, while also aligning with habitual response behaviors learned in other apps.

As you can see here, reactions will also be listed on each tweet, so you can see how others have responded, which Twitter could use as a ranking signal, or it may simply serve as an additional indicator of common response, helping to improve the tweet...

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