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Vancouver, BC TheNewswire – September 10, 2021 Solarvest BioEnergy Inc. (“ Solarvest ” or the “ Company ”) (TSXV:SVS) held its annual general meeting of shareholders (the “ Meeting ”) on Wednesday, September 8. A total of 19,294,920 common shares (representing 34.87% of all issued and outstanding common shares of the Company) were represented at the Meeting. Shareholders of the Company (the “ Shareholders ”) voted in favor of all items of business put forth at the Meeting.

  • – The number of Directors for the Company was set at three (3).

    – The three members elected to the Board of Directors include: Gerri Greenham, William Cheliak and Gregory Drohan.

    – ArsenaultBestCameronEllis, Chartered Accountants, was re-appointed as auditor of the Company for the ensuing year.

    – The Company’s Stock Option Plan was approved and ratified.

About Solarvest:

Solarvest BioEnergy Inc. is an algae biologics company whose production platform provides it with an extremely flexible system capable of producing numerous products from Omega 3 fatty acids to human therapeutic proteins. The company has successfully developed, patented and produced the world’s only plant-based organic certified Omega -3 to satisfy the substantial demand for this essential nutrient. The company has also initiated a program for the expression of CBD and THC to be produced in GMP fermentation facilities.

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