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Some of us do some funny things or funny things happen to us. Sometimes we think we are the only ones experiencing them. However, many of us have similar experiences. Here are a few:

  • Going to the refrigerator and completely forgetting what you were looking for

  • Searching for your eyeglasses when you are actually wearing them

  • Searching for your mobile phone which is in your hand

  • Being the driver and attempting to get in on the wrong side of the car

  • Proceeding to work on a Sunday, thinking it is Monday

  • Getting to the gas station, carefully parking, then realising the gas tank is on the other side

  • Feeling hungry, opening the refrigerator, taking a look at every shelf but taking nothing from the fridge

  • Driving around a parking lot for hours trying to find a space, then giving up the search, parking 5 miles away, only to discover walking back that several parking spaces have opened up

  • Introducing someone but forgetting their name

  • Double-checking and triple checking, then leaving the house but always forgetting that one thing

  • Getting into an elevator, staring at the floor, ceiling, buttons, anything to avoid the awkwardness of sharing the space with a stranger

  • Having chosen a specific parking space, going shopping, returning but not knowing where you parked your car after

  • Tripping while walking, then being concerned someone is looking, then turning your fumble into a slow jog walk

  • Waiting in a long line only to discover after a long wait that it is the wrong...

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