Direct Selling News Names Shelley Rojas Chief Brand Officer and Publisher - Yahoo Finance

Rojas is a long-time veteran of the brand, having previously served as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Publications. She has been involved in DSN working at its sister company, SUCCESS Partners, for 20 years.

"Shelley has been an integral part of DSN's success from the very beginning," explains Stuart Johnson, Founder and CEO. "Her creative insights, leadership abilities, dedication and professionalism have always been key ingredients in our 'secret sauce.' Shelley has crafted a unique vision and voice for the brand. I can't wait to see how DSN will grow and evolve under her tutelage."

The appointment of Rojas ensures DSN will continue to bring direct selling executives the news, insights and stories they need on the platforms they use most, bringing an expanded, robust digital and multi-media component to the brand's coverage.

As Johnson explains, "Shelley is the perfect fit for this position. She has led the rebranding of DSN for the past nine months-and, as a result, we have launched a sleeker, more intuitive new ..


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