Businesses role out mask mandates for customers - Cayman Islands Headline News - Cayman News Service

(CNS): Banks, supermarkets, shops and other retail services as well as government offices were doubling down on mask mandates Tuesday with the news that a school child had tested positive for COVID-19, making it likely that the coronavirus, most probably the Delta variant, is spreading throughout the community. Foster’s was the first supermarket chain to announce that from tomorrow, customers will all be required to wear masks in their stores, including Price Right, and that shoppers should return to the six feet social distancing.

The Cayman Islands Bankers’ Association (CIBA) asked people to bank online, but if they must visit a branch to wear a mask. Sanitation stations are being reinstated in most business, and government offices are also introducing mask, sanitation and social distancing.

However, even before local businesses rolled out mandates for customers as well as staff, the Cayman community had already taken to wearing masks again and ensuring they practice other COVID protocols. It is clear that people understand that in order to avoid a lockdown, basic health and safety protocols in addition to getting vaccinated are the best solution.

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