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Colombia is a top mining district. As an OECD member country with a growing economy and one of the lowest inflation rates in Latin America, it is hard to ignore how highly prospective the mining sector of this thriving and vibrant country has become.

Colombia hosts high-grade underground mines and a rich history of mining across various commodities like gold, silver and copper. With the right exploration and production company, discovering the true potential of the country’s widespread mineralized landscape could present tremendous economic potential, yield and expansive growth.

Gran Colombia Gold (TSX:GCM,OTCQX:TPRFF) is a mid-tier gold producer focused on exploring, developing and producing high-grade gold, as well as silver and other polymetallic, across its high-quality project portfolio in the mining districts of Colombia and Guyana. In Colombia, the company stands as the largest underground gold and silver producer with several mines in operation at its high-grade Segovia asset, which consistently ranks in the word’s top 10 highest-grade mines. Gran Colombia presents exceptional mine building and operating expertise across Latin America.

Its flagship Segovia operations is a world-class, multi-million-ounce high-grade gold mining operation that has been producing gold for more than 150 years. Located in a gold mining complex in Colombia’s Segovia-Remedios mining district in the...

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