Social Media Privacy and Security Guide - California Teachers Association

What you share and who you share it with should be your decision

As you connect and share more online, knowing how to manage your privacy and protect your information is more important than ever. Below are links to tips and tools to help control who can see what you share and how to secure your accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook Privacy

CTA recommends starting with Facebook's Privacy Checkup to help you review your privacy and security settings.

Facebook Security

Facebook offers several security features, such as login alerts and two-factor authentication, to help you add an extra layer of protection to your account. CTA recommends starting with a Facebook Security Checkup to review settings and add more security to your account.

Getting to know and controlling your Twitter privacy settings is an important part of helping protect your information. Here are some tip containing steps you can take to secure your account.

To help keep your account secure, we recommend the following best practices.

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