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Sometimes, simple disagreements can lead to exploding arguments. Florida offices are not new to this as it also happens everywhere else. Regardless of the time and place, dealing with an assault in the workplace can be complicated as there are lots of factors in play. From the people involved, the cause of the assault, to identifying who is liable, filing a case following an attack can be tedious. Let us guide you and tell you what you need to know after a workplace assault.
What Do We Mean By Assault?
Florida law defines assault as an act of violence against a person by another person that is done intentionally, whether or not it has caused damages. The act of violence can either be in the form of physical harm or verbal harm. A victim of an office assault can respond in two ways: file a lawsuit or apply for a workers’ compensation claim.
A workers’ compensation insurance is required under Florida Law for employers to have. According to the workers’ compensation policy, employees who are harmed or have sustained injuries in the workplace should be compensated under the workers’ compensation insurance. Injuries following an assault will follow under this and not under a personal injury claim.
Identifying Liability
As mentioned earlier, there are different factors to look at when investigating an office assault. Knowing the causes leading to the act of violence can help determine who can be faulted for the attack. For instance, the attacker alone can be held liable for the...

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