'Blood-and-sweat money': Evergrande anger boils on Chinese social media - FRANCE 24

Beijing (AFP)

China's social media was flooded with discussions on the potential demise of housing giant Evergrande as rare images of protests and public anger were shared across a tightly controlled internet.

Videos of protestors bearing furious signs filled the popular Weibo and WeChat platforms this week, with homebuyers using social media to share information and organise future demonstrations.

"The more people there are the stronger our power, this is our blood-and-sweat money," one user wrote in a post calling for supporters to gather at Evergrande's Shenzhen headquarters.

In a country where demonstrations are promptly squashed with authorities working to maintain stability above all else, the topic does not yet appear to have fallen under the heavy hand of censorship as anxious investors and creditors across the country demand money they are owed by the developer.

Some claiming to have been wronged by Evergrande shared invites on Weibo to "rights protection" chat groups and posted updates about joining protests.

Meanwhile, photos of a crowd of people in southwest Chengdu holding signs that read "Evergrande Fraud", verified by AFP, were shared widely on the Twitter-like Weibo.

Discussion threads have erupted with hundreds of millions of views and comments alongside photos and videos of the protests, as the Hong Kong-listed developer warned it may not be able to pay its debts.

The crisis has prompting panic of a default that could ripple through the world's...

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