Courthouse records - Sept. 15 - Worcester Telegram

Worcester Central District Court
Criminal and Traffic Sessions
Judge Asha White
Jason M. Amantea, 43, of 7 Brown St., Apt. 2, Spencer, charged with assault and battery with serious bodily injury, bail set at $750 cash/$7,500 surety, continued to Dec. 1.
Jose A. Garcia, 65, of 244 Pleasant St., Apt. 1W, Worcester, charged with distribution of Class A drug (fentanyl), bail set at $1,500 cash/$15,000 surety, continued to Oct. 8.
Marco A. Ortiz, 50, of last known address of 111 County St., Worcester, charged with breaking and entering for misdemeanor and assault and battery on family/household member, bail set $500 cash/$5,000 surety, ordered to stay away and have no contact with the alleged victim and to abide by the restraining order, continued to Oct. 8.
Mark D. Brusa, 56, of 557 SW Cutoff Lot 75a, Worcester, charged with possession of Class B drug (cocaine), possession of Class A drug (heroin) and operating a motor vehicle with license suspended, continued to Nov. 4.
Alexander T. Olivencia, 30, of 66 Green Hill Parkway, Apt. 1, Worcester, charged with breaking and entering for misdemeanor, ordered to stay away from alleged victim, continued to Nov. 29.
Josevelt Dorcelus, 29, of 127 Austin St., Apt. A, Worcester, charged with vandalizing property, ordered to stay away and have no contact with alleged victims and to stay away from Complete Labor and Staffing, 211 Chandler St., continued to Nov. 30.
Jimmy P. Knoll, 35, of 76 Cambridge St., Worcester, charged with assault and...

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