India produces largest amount of social media misinformation on Covid-19: Study - Mint

The study, 'Prevalence and Source Analysis of Covid-19 Misinformation in 138 Countries' said that due to India's higher internet penetration rate, lack of internet literacy, and increasing social media consumption, the misinformation flowed rapidly.

The study has analysed 9,657 pieces of misinformation from 138 countries. A total of 94 organisation fact-checked those articles s to understand the prevalence and sources of misinformation in different countries.

The study stated that India (18.07%) produced the largest amount of social media misinformation.

After India, the US produced the second-largest amount of social media misinformation on the Covid-19 pandemic (9.74%), followed by Brazil (8.57%), and Spain (8.03%), respectively.

Based on the results, the study said, it is presumed that the prevalence of Covid-19 misinformation can have a positive association with the pandemic situation.

The study claimed that social media produces the largest amount of misinformation (84.94%), and the internet as a whole is responsible for most of the Covid-19 misinformation (90.5%).

"Facebook produced 66.87% of misinformation on Covid-19.

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