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Researchers from Loughborough University have teamed up with UK charity Beat to create an animated video that explores how social media affects people with an eating disorder.

The short film, released today (Monday 13 September), looks at how social media can be both harmful and helpful, and provides useful advice for those being negatively affected by what they see online and to support recovery.

Produced by a dozen eggs, an up-and-coming design company by Loughborough graduates, and funded by the Higher Education Innovation Fund, the animation is based on research by Dr Paula Saukko, a Reader in Social Science and Medicine in the Criminology, Sociology and Social Policy department.

Dr Saukko, in collaboration with Loughborough’s Dr Val Mitchell and Dr Helen Malson, of Eating Disorders Health Integration Team, Bristol, interviewed 31 people with diverse eating disorders during the pandemic – a period that has seen a surge in both social media use and mental health issues.

The team then worked with Beat to translate the research findings into a video.

The video was co-produced with Beat ambassadors Adam Gil, Bre Blackboro, Kel O’Neill, and Vicki Butler and incorporates their testimonies on social media use.

Of the project, Dr Saukko said: “It has been a real treat to work on such a practical and creative project and important topic with the inspiring teams from Beat and a dozen eggs.

“Using the easy multi-media possibilities of social media to chat is vital for keeping in...

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