Acting port boss steps down amidst board conflict - Cayman Islands Headline News - Cayman News Service

(CNS): Joseph Woods is returning to his previous job at the Port Authority of the Cayman Islands as manager of operations and security, after internal conflicts with two old board members have been exacerbated and undermine his role as PACI’s chief executive officer. Woods told CNS that he hasn’t tendered his resignation at this point from his substantive position, which he is resuming next week, but said it was no longer possible for him to act as director/CEO given the current situation with board members, who he said are aware of his concerns.

Woods has therefore resigned from that acting post. He said the change in the board membership was not the cause of his concerns but rather a long running issue with existing directors.

Woods has been acting as the director for almost three years after he agreed to temporarily take the reins after Clement Reid was fired over mismanagement of public funds, which came to light following a report by the auditor general. Since then, at least one recruitment process has been carried out but the preferred candidate ultimately declined the offer of a job. Woods, who did not apply for the job, was asked to stay on as the acting director and he reluctantly agreed.

But it appears that the issues relating to staffing matters that seem to be at the heart of Woods’ problem and disagreements with some board directors remain. There have been a number of human resource problems among PACI’s management team as well as with night shift workers,...

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