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(CNS): In a statement to mark the United Nations International Day of Democracy on Wednesday, Premier Wayne Panton said his government was “showing itself to be kinder” but not afraid to address vested interests that may be holding the country back. He said April’s elections showed true democracy was at work in Cayman when voters gave PACT a constitutional and moral responsibility to ensure that the will of the Caymanian people is reflected and respected in its policies and priorities over the next four years. Panton said the government was responding to the daily concerns of the people and rising inequality.

In the statement he said the government was addressing quality of life, environmental considerations and the rising cost of living.

“We are confronting failure, liberating the aspirations of our people and fighting for opportunity for all,” Panton said. “We have brought more openness in the way government business is done, which is the hallmark of good governance. Our citizens are part of the process and we are letting them know the actions of government on their behalf. We know that free and democratic societies have healthier citizens, less violent conflict, and more prosperous communities.”

He said that democracy delivers for the many, not the few, and allows people to advocate for their rights and hold government to account, noting that free and fair elections, freedom of expression and the rule of law are the foundation of a healthy democracy and help ensure the...

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