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The employee, who was tested at Northward Prison after reporting feeling unwell during shift, is now isolating. The Prison Service had this week engaged the Public Health Department to undertake a comprehensive testing regime for staff and inmates at both prisons.

Director of Prisons Steve Barret said the organisation had already begun implementing preventive measures following the recent news of community transmission of COVID-19.

The objective of these restrictions is to minimise the potential for the virus to spread within the prison population.

Activities have been restricted to reduce people movement across the prison estates. Furthermore prison officials are contacting external partners to cancel services delivered by them until further notice.

While visits are being cancelled from September 16, 2021, arrangements wilI be made for inmates to utilise virtual visits facilities to ensure that they can maintain contact with their families.

In addition to mandating mask-wearing by staff, and enhancing existing provisions for hand sanitizing and cleaning which are already in place, Northward and Fairbanks prisons are currently being prepared for deep cleaning treatment.

This treatment will coat every surface in the prison with a protective layer of nano- technology that protects against mould and coronavirus for up to six months.

Describing the prison system as particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 due to the high number of persons clustered in a small area, Director...

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