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In a message to the APS Community, Superintendent Elder writes about student behavior, student and staff safety, and social media.

Dear Albuquerque Public Schools Community,

The safety, health, and well-being of Albuquerque Public Schools staff, students, and community are always our priority.

The mental health and behavior challenges all schools deal with in normal times now seem to be exacerbated by the pandemic as predicted when schools worldwide closed in response to the global health threat in March of 2020.

Schools provide safety, structure, social connectedness, and much more. We know students can struggle with conflict resolutions if they don’t have adult supervision. We also know a home can present its dangers if items prohibited in schools are in reach and brought on to our campuses.

There is no evidence or research yet to explain some of the discipline issues we’re experiencing in our schools. Still, we believe the rise in violence and unacceptable behavior posted to social media and reported in the news can be attributed to school closures and strains at home like unemployment, illness, and other hardships so many are facing due to the pandemic.

Staff at all our schools monitor student behavior and carry out welfare checks when there is a concern. Our counselors and social workers are available to help staff and students. All APS students and employees are asked to say something if they see, hear, or know anything that could pose a safety threat. You can call...

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