Best of Milwaukee 2021 Social Media Kit - Shepherd Express

Every year you hear “check out this place, it’s amazing” and “I just had the best food at…” and now it’s your chance to vote on who is the best in our 2021 Best of Milwaukee campaign!

With our two-stage voting system that has drawn a record number of voters over the past couple years, we want to make sure you have all the tools you need to give your business (or your favorite locals!) the edge.

In the first stage, we give readers complete power with an open-ended ballot form that includes over 300 categories from Best Burger to Best Local Character and Best Doggy Day Care.

In the final stage, just the top nominees make it in and voting shifts to a multiple choice form. The top votegetter in each subcategory is named the Best of Milwaukee!

This is a completely reader-driven vote. Our editors have no say in the winners.

Feel free to use anything you want from this page to help get you over the top! The ballot's awards are divided up into 15 categories. Check which category you're in and start promoting!

First, the essential info:

 When: Nominations: Sept. 16-Oct. 14 Final Voting: Nov. 4–Dec. 2 Rules: - One vote per person per category for each round - You must vote in at least 5 categories to make your ballot valid - Voters must provide a valid email address to be entered - You are not permitted to fill out or submit ballots on behalf of another individual Full Ballot: Direct Link to Your Section: Arts & Entertainment Body,...

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