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(CNS): Allaying fears that the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 is now spreading in the community, on Friday morning Chief Medical Officer Dr John Lee reported that from a batch of 1,394 PCR tests carried out yesterday, there were just two additional positive cases, which were both among travellers exiting quarantine. He also said that the contact tracing has linked the prison officer who tested positive to the George Town Primary School outbreak, which means that public health officials are still dealing with just two separate community outbreaks, with 20 positive cases now linked to the school.

Even in the absence of new regulations or an enforced lockdown, most residents have quickly adopted COVID prevention measures again by limiting unnecessary movement, wearing masks, social distancing and doing what they can to contain the potential spread. Businesses are taking precautions and more people are working remotely, all of which, together with the growing national vaccination rate, could help curtail the community spread.

Government is currently scheduled to hold a press briefing Friday afternoon at 3pm, which will be broadcast on the usual GIS social media channels and CIGTV.

See Dr Lee’s morning update below:

See the vaccine schedule on the HSA website here.

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See here for more information on securely verifiable vaccination records.

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