Editorial: It's time to take the reopening leap - Cayman Compass

We’ve heard the phrase “guided by the science” over and over during the past 18 months, which is why government’s decision to “pause” Cayman’s border reopening plan makes little sense. It’s a decision we believe was based on fear rather than logic; one that will have dire consequences for all of Cayman.

Premier Wayne Panton on 14 Sept. announced government’s decision to keep Cayman’s borders tightly restricted, following a spate of locally transmitted COVID-19 cases. In one breath, the public heard that “this is the new normal” and that locally transmitted cases will be a daily occurrence that we must come to grips with when visitors return to our islands, en masse. But then – in the next breath – we heard that the country would be tightening its current restrictions and not opening borders to commercial air traffic through at least the end of the year.

While we respect government’s aim to protect Cayman’s people – and we certainly wish everyone impacted by these recent cases a speedy recovery – government’s leaders appear to be contradicting themselves.

While the fear in the community is understandable, it is not necessarily rational or proportionate to the threat now posed by the coronavirus.

No doubt, the inboxes and WhatsApp feeds of the islands’ leaders are filled with emotional pleas for extreme action.

And that, more than anything, is what has driven the damaging decision to delay the border reopening.

The reality is that these incidences of community transmission...

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