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Cellino Law has more than six decades of experience in handling all matters related to personal injury law. The law firm has helped clients tide over crisis that arrive with an injury to any member of a family. It obtains fair compensation quickly.
According to announcements released by Cellino Law and Ross Cellino, personal injury lawyers Manhattan help clients who have suffered personal injuries in slip and fall accidents, motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, wrongful death, etc. Personal injury lawyers from Cellino Law know what it takes to conclusively prove negligence toward a duty of care that resulted in avoidable injuries.
The upfront case evaluation done by Cellino Law saves the client valuable time and informs on the best course of action for pursuing compensation. The lawyers at this law firm are compassionate and understand the victim’s state of mind and requirements. They answer all questions patiently.
Clients can rest assured that the experienced and qualified trial attorneys will work hard to gather all the crucial evidence required to prove negligence and claim damages. The type of evidence that this firm gathers to prove negligence includes police reports, cell phone records, witness statements, and expert testimony. Damages are established based on medical records, medical expenses, pay stubs, income tax receipts, expert opinions on the loss of ability, etc.
Car accident lawyers Manhattan from Cellino Law play an essential...

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