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ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar)- Ector County ISD Police have arrested a Permian High School student for making a social media threat, according to a release.

Throughout the morning, ECISD police worked to identify and locate the student. ECISD officers found the 9th-grade boy on campus and took him into custody. The student has been charged with Exhibition, Use, or Threat of Exhibition or Use of Firearms, a Class A Misdemeanor.

ECISD says the boy did not have a weapon in his possession, but officers later found a gun that fires blanks at his home.

Because the timing of the investigation coincided with the beginning of the school day, police asked that a school-wide announcement of the threat not be made as it would likely have hindered the search for the student. The school district’s normal protocol is to notify parents of a threatening message as quickly as possible.

The district is now asking all parents to remind their children that threats, weapons and violent messages will always be taken seriously. The district investigates them fully and will file charges against those who make such treats, even if they are intended as a joke. ECISD says students should be very careful about the things they post online because they can have severe disciplinary, or even legal, consequences.

District leaders are now thanking ECISD officers and PHS administrators for their work to first identify, then find the student while keeping the campus safe for other students and staff members.

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