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Premier Wayne Panton has responded to a letter that was addressed to him by Leader of the Opposition, Roy McTaggart which offered to provide "support and assistance and make recommendations" in managing the recent community outbreak of COVID-19, which Mr McTaggart referred to as a "cross roads." The Premier's response was made at a COVID-19 press briefing which took place today (September 17).

"We in the Opposition stand ready to assist the government. We have considerable first-hand experience based on our fight with COVID-19 for more than a year," said the letter.

Recommendations provided by the Opposition by way of the publicly circulated communication include the implementation of a National COVID-19 Emergency Council, testing of all front line personnel (including store clerks, bank staff, medical staff and teachers), the mandatory use of masks and hand sanitizers in public places, re-instituting a 14-day quarantine, implementing the vaccine booster programme and a review of all historic protocols.

In his response, Mr Panton declined the offer for help, stating "We are using the same advisors as them," in reference to the team of advisors who were consulted during the first COVID-19 outbreak which occurred during the term of the Progressives administration.

Premier Panton indicated further that the experience of the prior administration was with regards to a lock down, and the new strategy that is being implemented by the current administration is with regards to...

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