Researchers to Watch: Meet the top innovators inside North Texas' university halls - Dallas Business Journal

While cliché is of the next innovative, disruptive technology coming from a founder working away in a garage somewhere across North Texas and the country, new ideas and products are being developed in universities' halls and research labs. NTX Inno's coverage of the local startup scene often brings us to brushes into the space, so we decided to dive deeper to find those researchers whose work is worthy of keeping an eye on.

In addition to his work with local universities and CiRC, Chavala is also executive director at the Center for Retina Innovation and director of retina services at Kleinman Evangelista Eye Centers of Texas. A technology pilot, tested at Waterview Parkway, near the university, reduced stoplight waiting times by around 40%. Zalila-Wenkstern jokes that the system worked so well, it began causing delays at other intersections not using the patented DALI smart system. His professional background also includes stints at electronica manufacturer PixTech and DARPA. His work at the university is focused on electronic materials and devices in various applications, working to understand their effectiveness in harsh environments. While working on a research project using fluids and sensors to analyze cells and tissues, which was backed by a nearly $410,000 National Science Foundation grant, he became interested in using the technology in the energy industry. O-Bryant said researchers at the university are using the work to develop tests for other brain diseases like Parkinson's, Down syndrome and dementia.


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