Restaurants Innovate Amid COVID-19, Worker Shortages [Amplify Friday] - ThomasNet News

Gathering to eat in a restaurant is about community, experience, and enjoyment.

Here are three stories of how several restaurants are coping with a range of current events as well as insight into trends and innovations in the restaurant world.

Oklahoma Restaurant-goers Donate to the "Giving Wall" to Feed Hungry

Several restaurants in Oklahoma have adopted the practice of what's been called a "Receipt wall" or "Giving wall" to help get meals to those in need.

Texas Restaurant Hires Robots That Sing "Happy Birthday" to Customers

Amid the labor shortage, a restaurant has hired robots to assist human colleagues - and both the customers and the employees are loving them.

  • Speaking of online reservations, with some locales requiring proof of vaccination for patrons to dine indoors, tech-savvy restaurants are turning to apps to streamline verification.
  • In the second year of the pandemic, restaurants transitioned their previous shacks into works of art perfect for shielding customers from street traffic and making Instagram-worthy backdrops. Since table turnover is important for profitability, restaurants will likely try to speed it up.

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