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Yesterday I was off for Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, and as you may expect was pretty busy atoning and apologizing to the many, many people I’ve been a jackass to or whose jackets I accidentally peed on or whatever. In the middle of all this, I saw that at least two videos showing unflattering depictions of Teslas had suddenly been removed, causing lots of (mostly unfounded) speculation online. It’s all interesting and strange, so let’s see what happened.

First, I should say that there’s not currently any conclusive evidence that Tesla itself arranged for the videos to be taken down, and I’m not going to suggest that unless there’s evidence that actually supports it.

Now, I’ll admit that I’m not really crazy about writing so much about Tesla recently, often negatively, and I promise you I’m not doing this because it excites me or anything. I’ve made it very clear that I think Tesla vehicles are, by and large, fantastically engineered. But Tesla is interesting to many people, and the act of testing semi-automated driving software on public roads is one of the biggest driving questions of the moment, and Tesla generates passionate responses, as we can see in this situation here, where there’s lots of speculation that there’s some kind of conspiracy involved in the removal of these videos:

The first video in question was of a Tesla Model 3 that appeared to be driving too fast, hit a bump in the road which caused some sort of impact to the battery tray, which then burst...

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