Report: Panel recommended stayed suspension of interim county administrator Rob Weber's law license in June - Chronicle Telegram

ELYRIA — A disciplinary panel for Ohio attorneys recommended in June a one-year stayed suspension of interim County Administrator Rob Weber's law license after it determined he mishandled money belonging to clients he represented in private practice between 2016 and 2018.
Weber, a licensed attorney, was named interim county administrator on Aug. 18 after Lorain County commissioners fired his predecessor, Tom Williams. Weber, a Republican former candidate for both Congress and the Ohio House of Representatives, had been deputy county administrator since being hired Jan. 4.
The Ohio Supreme Court's Board of Professional Conduct found "by clear and convincing evidence, that (Weber) engaged in professional misconduct," according to the panel's findings, made during a March 24 hearing and laid out in board documents available online.
The panel recommended to the Ohio Supreme Court that Weber's law license be under stayed suspension for one year on the conditions Weber completes six hours of continuing legal education, refrains from further misconduct and pays the cost of the proceedings.
Weber, a Henrietta Township resident, said that the recommendation of a stayed suspension is equivalent to probation in criminal law matters.
"When I was starting my firm in 2016, I'd been a lawyer for quite a few years. It was my first time out on my own, and I made some administrative mistakes," he said Friday. "I acknowledged my mistakes, and as soon as I discovered those mistakes I made...

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