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Did you know you could be owed hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and the money is just sitting there? It's called Unclaimed Property and since 1962, the Texas Comptroller's office has returned close to $3 billion dollars to Texans. According to a press release from the Texas Comptrollers Office, $285 million in unclaimed property was approved and paid in the fiscal 2021.

The $285 million in unclaimed property returned in fiscal 2021 represents more than 538,000 properties.

The State of Texas is currently holding more than $6 billion dollars in cash and other valuables through the Unclaimed Property program.

20 Texas Places We Have All Been Saying Completely Wrong

The city of Iraan is pronounced like you are introducing founder Ira Yates to his future wife, Ann.

About as East Texas as you can be is the small town of Nacogdoches.

No, it's not refugee-o. The proud community of Refugio, located in South Texas near the coast, officially holds 1.6 square miles of the great state's land.

This Texas town is set along the coast in between Corpus and Houston.


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