Principal Coordinator SDG Affairs Zuena Aziz participates in online side event of 76th UNGA - The Daily Star

The Principal Coordinator SDG Affairs, Zuena Aziz, participated in an online side event, at the UN General Assembly on September 23, where she spoke at the Business Call to Action Annual Forum event "Development in Harmony: Aligning private sector impact with public sector goals through Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) reporting".

According to the SDG Financing Strategy of Bangladesh, it has been estimated that the government will have to mobilize additional funds of $928 billion to implement SDGs by 2030. The share of the private sector is estimated to be 42 percent.

With this in mind, Zuena Aziz highlighted how with a view to executing the 8th Five Year Plan and also to achieve the SDGs, social and environmental challenges have to be solved through market driven entrepreneurial opportunities.

While Bangladesh has made its mark by completing the Development Finance Assessment (DFA) in 2016, the first DFA included only high-level private sector targets, but a more data driven roadmap to boost sustainability financing and especially private sector sustainability investments, is required.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina with support from the Economic Relations Division and other relevant Ministries, the Government of Bangladesh is now updating Development Finance Assessment (DFA) and Financing Strategy (FS), in alignment with its 8th Five Year Plan, to include a private sector sustainability investment roadmap. This is done under the aegis of the...

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