Exdion Solutions Publishes Analysis of Impact of AI-Driven Technology on Urgent Care Centers - Galveston County Daily News

PLANO, Texas-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Sep 27, 2021-

Cloud-based artificial intelligence and complex rules-based decision platforms are quickly changing healthcare delivery amidst multiple challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, staffing shortages and new coding requirements.

To shed insights on the impact of these new solutions, ExdionACE solicited comments from users and experts at U.S. urgent care centers. The results were published in a recent article, " How Changing Coding Practices Helped Urgent Care Centers Through The COVID-19 Crisis, now available

The article examines how AI-driven technology is positively addressing:

  • Revenue losses due to suboptimal coding and missed modifiers
  • A nationwide shortage of experienced medical coders, especially those who are knowledgeable about the intricacies of coding for urgent care practices
  • The dramatic shifts in patient flow and business patterns due to the COVID-19 pandemic

ExdionACE operates on a proprietary, AI engine that can analyze thousands of patient encounters within a few minutes and flag them for possible coding, revenue and compliance gaps. The highly customized platform scales and evolves with emergent codes so that urgent care centers remain profitable and continue to serve their communities.

With the ExdionACE platform, revenue almost immediately increased by 25% a month at AFC Urgent Care Memphis. As a medical coding powerhouse, the company services numerous medical practices through its flagship platform ExdionACE. ExdionACE is an all-in-one platform offering multiple modules including an Auto Coding module for high coding accuracy, a Revenue Integrity module that leverages code relationship algorithms and a CAPD module that drives CDI by recognizing E&M levels, medical decision making and missing documentation.

source: https://www.galvnews.com/news_ap/business/article_b9fbfcfc-d5af-5652-82ce-3f747b71ba9a.html

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